Robusta or Arabica Beans?

2 Main type of coffee grown in the world – Arabica & Robusta.

ROBUSTA – the beans more pest resistant and traditionally grown at lower altitudes.  The beans have a higher caffeine level and produce a strong robust cup.

ARABICA -  the beans are less pest resistant and usually grown at higher altitudes than Robusta.  The beans are harder to grow and contain less caffeine.  The brew is lighter cup but fragrant & full flavoured.




Colombia - 100% of Arabica beans giving you a medium bodied brew that is both fragrant and full flavoured.


Houseblend - a fine blend of Robusta & Arabica beans giving you a full bodied, medium roast to enable to kick start your day.


GOLDKILI selects and roast their own beans in their factory. 

All coffee beans are roasted/blend/packed and delivered for distribution almost every working day. 

You can be ensured that you are having that FRESHEST CUP of coffee you can get!