Up date for Frezfruta Contest

Some Winners did not submit their local address to receive the Frezfruta Promotion Pack consisting of either Apple Blueberry Jam or Strawberry Jam by ordinary mail.  

Instead of returning the Promotion Packs to our Sponsors, we have selected the following persons to receive the prizes.  
  • Elisia Tan
  • Cosmic Sparkles
  • Wendy Wong
  • Chimpi Chimpy
  • Wt Yeo
  • Tricia Ng
  • Mantrek Peace
  • Zee Dainty
  • Yan Gan Yan
  • Sereen Sereen
  • Ena Lyana
  • Meghna Rai
  • Amanda Isabelle Belz
  • Nom Cynz
Please submit your details to us by 24 June 2013.  There is be no further extension and all unclaimed Promotion Packs will be returned to the Sponsors.